Rodzaje kamienia naturlanego takie jak: slim stone, porfir, łupek
DESIGNERS Palladio Materials
Isacco Brioschi materials, technology, art and nature combines the compositional logic. Office is dedicated to projects and artistic ideas of green construction.
De-Signum Studio Lab this is the factory laboratory studio space in Umbria Milan. Since 2006, in the space of Lorenzo Longo and Alessio Romano perform the challenge of creating cities. They want to define it as deep and multi-faceted experiment with new materials. The project themes and language offered by them are bold and certainly individual.
Matteo Guasco, born in 1981, graduated from the Industrial Design at IED Turin and gained professional experience designing exhibitions in Europe, England and the United States is currently working as a designer for a multinational manufacturer of composite materials.
Santa Design Studio , founded by Matthew Memmi and Marco Forbicioni, was born as an objective to offer its customers innovative solutions for product and supplement with furniture. Proposes intelligent design, which is able to speak in tongues contemporary aesthetics.
Kurt Stepelfeldt, born in Johannesburg, lives and pracujew Milan since 2003. He graduated from interior design at the IED in Milan, founded in mid-2007 GrayscaleDesign, School of Architecture and Interior Design. Milan has a great chance to work creative teams involved in aspects of the project.This is the kind of approach to Kurt representing the system design in Italy.
Andrea Tassi graduated with honors in Italy LA BAAccademy Belle Arti diBrescia. For Andrea design is: "Watching the world through the knowledge of him in everyday life." Giving life to objects based on a simple communication, and playing with objects is an exciting adventure every day .
Vito Trip born in Catania in 1983, studied at the University of Catania, on the faculty of architecture. In 2007-2008, he defended his master's degree in product design at the IED in Milan. He worked in parallel interior design graphic designs for allocating major companies in the sector. His work began in 2008ITO design of the cabinet and in 2011, he founded his own design studio Trip.
Architekt Przemysław „Mac” Stopa is the founder and chief designer Massive Design, award-winning architectural studio specializing in the design of functional systems and corporate office interiors for leading companies in the Fortune and Global 500